RECOUPEMENT ! Nooit was het zo eenvoudig.

Wil je je opbrengst berekenen van je film ?

Bekijk een voorbeeld van de Film profit calculator.

Box office, P &A, MG and percentages can be adjusted with a push of a button.

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1. VAT is deducted from the Gross Boxoffice. This result is called Net boxoffice.

2. Over this Net boxoffice result the distributors net rental is calculated. This result is called Net Filmrental

3. From this Net Filmrental the distributor deducts several costs like Buma, OCW (sometimes NFC contirbution fee) and the P&A costs. This creates the Net Result Theatrical

4a In case of a FROM THE TOP contract, the MG will be deducted from the entire Net Result Theatrical.

4b. In case of a PRODUCERS SHARE contract, the MG will be recouped out of the producers share of the Net Result Theatrical.

5a. After recoupment of the MG, the distributors fee changes.

5b. If the MG has not been recouped the amount will be recouped out of the DVD producers share etc...

6. After the MG is recouped, the producer recoupes his investment.

7. After the producers investment is recouped, the producer and distributor will start to make profit....

Producersprofit =((Net Boxoffice) x Filmrental fee - (costs)) x producersfee - MG - Producers investment.

Gross Boxoffice - VAT = Net Boxoffice

Netrentalfee x Net Boxoffice = Net filmrental

Netfilmrental - Buma - NFC OCW - P&A = Net result Theatrical

Producersfee x Netresult TH = Producersshare

Producersshare - MG = Net Producersshare

Net Producersshare - Investment Producer = Producersprofit